Culturally Speaking WebTV Interview

If you haven’t heard about or watched any of the political uprisings unfold across the Middle East lately, then maybe it’s time to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

Arab youth are demanding reforms – economic and political. These youth and their demonstration movements reached the Kingdom of Bahrain in February, where events continue to play out and impact the economy and people, both Bahraini and international expats living there.

Americans historically know little about Arabs, their religion, and how the two are so deeply intertwined. We are quick with our over-generalizing, and slow to admit our ignorance. We don’t understand the differences or significance of Arab culture, such as the fact that because the Arab culture was in place before Islam; the culture often times takes precedence over the religion.

“We tend to believe that Islam “orders” women to cover, and that women have no rights or empowerment, along with a host of other misconceptions,” explains author and Hanover, Minnesota resident Mary Coons.

If you’ve had even an ounce of interest in the recent Arab world crises, here’s an opportunity to learn a little more about one of these current countries in crisis – a country with very strong strategic ties with and implications for the United States: the Kingdom of Bahrain.

On Monday and Tuesday, March 28 and 29 – running for 48 consecutive hours – click on to at any time to see and listen to an enlightening interview. The Authors Show interviewed Hanover resident Mary Coons, author of Culturally Speaking: Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post-9/11 World, about her book’s message and experiences in this tiny Arabian Gulf country that is located off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Watch her informative 12-minute interview as Coons discusses some of the most common generalizations Americans have of Bahraini Arab Muslims, along with insights about these warm-hearted people and their intriguing and complex culture. It just might be the best 12 minutes of your busy day.

For more information about this award-winning book and Mary’s important message of dispelling ignorance, go to USA News named Culturally Speaking a finalist for the Best Books Award along with the Midwest Independent Publishers Association that honored the book as a finalist for excellence in literary achievement. Former U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain Dr. Sam H. Zakhem wrote the book’s Foreword.

Culturally Speaking is available through or Autographed copies can be purchased from the author directly at

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